Today I…

…spent the day marking Web project reports, getting to the bank to get rent money and briefing Le Nhut Giang and his mother, Le Thi Phuong on their impending journey to Australia. Mimi does the translating as neither of them can speak any English and we sat them down at home to try and enlighten them to the rigors of international travel.

imageYou can gauge what a big step this is for this pair when you realise that when I first met them they had never set foot on a department store before and were unsure of how to get on and off the elevator.  Now they will be in the air enroute to Singapore for a one hour stopover before heading for Brisbane. They will then be transported by car to the Gold Coast where they are being home hosted and Giang will have his first medical examination on Friday prior to undergoing operations to help remedy the massive deformations he has due to severe burns.

As I’ve mentioned before, Giang’s case is a part of the ROMAC initiiative and brings me a sense of satisfaction because not only has he been waiting for several years to make this trip due to strange circumstances, but you may recall that his mother, the only person available to accomapnay him was found to have traces of TB last year which have ultimately proven to be inactive.

So, it has been a long haul, but finally Mimi and I saw them off at Ton Son Nhat airport this afteroon and clicking on the thumbnail will bring up a short image slideshow.