Troi Oi!

Yesterday morning I woke up with a start as I was being hit by droplets of water that were falling from the air conditioning unit directly above the bed. In fact so much water had come out over night that the bed was saturated on the side that Lisa normally sleeps upon but, because she is in Australia right now, Lisa missed out on getting a soaking. The air conditioning guy was called and told Mimi’s parents he would get here ASAP.

This morning I wanted to have a nice quiet start to the day. This will be the first day teaching at our new campus and as I had a few dramas with my Vespa last week (carburettor problem) I just wanted to have my morning coffee and maybe a feed of Banh Cuon from the lady in our hem get ready for work and drive quietly out there.

However, at 10 minutes to eight I received a call from Truc (Mimi’s sister) telling me that the air-con guy would be here at eight. Now it is twenty past nine and this place is bedlam as they have decided to pull each of the four air-con units apart and clean and service the lot. That means it is difficult or nearly impossible for me to get to any of the bedrooms or bathrooms (being used as water points) as there seems to be somebody in every room right now and I can’t even see my way clear to get a shave happening.

One bonus however. The air-con guy is Chinese and he has just translated four very ancient Chinese scrolls that we purchased in Hanoi and have hanging on a wall in our bedroom. He has also placed them in the correct order as they represent the four seasons beginning with Spring and ending with Autumn but needing to be read in the Chinese fashion from right to left. Mimi has then translated the simple poems on each for me from the Vietnamese into the nearest possible English. They read something like this.

Xuan – Spring

[In Spring you should travel to the mountains for sightseeing.]

Ha – Summer

[In Summer the top of the mountain is green and has fresh air.]

Thu – Autumn

[In Autumn when ever you see some place where you have been with friends you miss them very much. (This means if you see something that reminds you of a friend you think about that person and miss their presence).]

Dong – Winter

[In Winter you prefer to keep yourself happy by welcoming something to keep you warm. (I think this means warm both physically and mentally as we are often feeling cold and alone in Winter).]

Now I wish they would all leave so that I can use the bathroom in peace grin