Update on Le Nhut Giang

Recieved this e-mail from Jill Ellis (ROMAC) re: Giangs progress. All very good news.

Felt you would all want to hear about today’s surgery at RCH Brisbane.  We presented at 7.30 a.m. and Giang was admitted immediately.  After completing all forms Giang was in the Operating Theatre by 9 a.m.  We were advised by Dr Johnathan Mott and Dr Deborah Bailey after the operation that the Hand Surgeon (Dr Rowan) decided to do one hand first – the right hand. They have released the right hand around 80%. Knuckles had adhered to his wrist. Nerves and veins/arteries were severely affected. They indicated that it was a fairly complex three-hours of surgery. They now have to do a series of stretches to gain a further 20% release over the next few weeks. For today’s operation they took skin from his thigh for grafts on the top of his right hand.

The Hand Surgeon participated today as he was available. He recommended one hand be done at a time (to enable Giang to have the use of his other hand). It was indicated that it will take a day to do his left hand. The left hand smallest finger will probably be removed. Dr Mott (The Registrar) indicated to us that Giang’s treatment may take up to six months. Next Friday they are intending to do his eye and lip.

I am to take Giang to see the Orthopaedic Surgeon (Dr Moroney) next Thursday morning (26/5) at 8.30 a.m. at RCH Brisbane, who will then advise on when the operation to fix Giang’s feet will take place. We were advised by Dr Bailey that the flexor tendons in his feet are o.k. but the front tendons may be lost. 

I sincerely thank Elaine and Kchin for being at the hospital all day with us. Kchin was absolutely wonderful in interpreting and was a great support to Giang and to Phuong. Elaine also was a fantastic help.

Jill E.
I hope this is accurate as Elaine and I reconstructed their comments after both the Registrar and Dr Bailey had communicated with us.