Viet Nam wins

It’s ten after midnight here and it’s a touch over 3 hours since Viet Nam drew 1-1 with Thailand and thus won the 2008 Suzuki Cup (also known as the ASEAN Football Championship). Viet Nam leveled the match in almost unbelievable fashion when Le Cong Vinh headed a goal in the final seconds of injury time in a dramatic finish to a game that was interspersed with many violent clashes.

I ventured into the streets immediately after that win and encountered literally thousands of enraptured Vietnamese riding motorbikes, hanging from cars, carrying the national flag and making as much noise as possible with whatever was available. Chanting, screaming, clashing pot lids together like cymbals, the noise level was incredible.

Wave after wave of people celebrating the win swept through every street of inner Sai Gon and now, over 3 hours later, the noise of the celebrations has not abated, in fact it seems to be increasing as it rises and falls in waves. The fervour of the people is incredible and from where I sit typing I can hear the sounds of jubilation that will no doubt last through the night.