welcome back to SE Asia

I do like Malaysia, it has that marvellous tropical laid back feel to it and KL seems to typify that. I have to admit that arriving at about 9pm local time and finding the temperature to still be hovering around 27 degrees centigrade with extremely high humidity was a bit of a shock to the system after the winter weather in Brisbane.

However that was not nearly as hot as the engine on the shuttle bus carrying several weary travellers along the brilliant Malaysian freeway system to our hotel for a nights stopover. The engine overheated and the driver turned off the air-conditioning and had to crawl along at about 40 Klms per hour which meant a long and very humid ride. It finally gave way literally as we rolled into the hotel driveway and the driver coasted to a stop with steam and very loud strangling type noises emanating from deep within the bowels of our vehicle. We treated the driver to a generous round of applause and rushed to get into the airconditioned foyer of the Grand Blue Wave Hotel at Shah Alam.


This is an old hotel but quite large. The rooms are in need of a bit of TLC but I have seldom had a larger room while travelling as my budget normally doen’t run to suites in hotels, but evidentially that is no problem for Malaysia Airlines and I felt a bit lost in the massive apartment. It even had a two showers, one in a seperate cubicle and another over the marble encased bathtub!! Another first for me.


The best part though was the view over the massive Blue Mosque, the largest mosque in Malaysia. although it was a bit optimistic of me to think that I coud get a sleep in with a mosque right outside my window. I had forgotten about the morning prayers which began in the pitch black of early morning at 5.30.

I would like to spend more time in Malaysia and I’m especially keen to go and have a look at Sarawak and maybe travel up one of the rivers in a small boat. So much to do, so little time to do it!