well here we are and here we are and here we are…

I have been doing a great deal of reflection lately about myself, living in Viet Nam, the culture here, the people, my colleagues, my relationships with those I love. Everything has had a bit of a going over and there is a lot more inner peering that needs to be done yet.

What have I learned in nearly two years of living here? I regarded myself as being a clever person when I arrived here during Tet of 2003, but I’m a lot more cleverer (is there such a word?) now.

I have learned so much and gained so much over the past two years that I don’t know where to begin to process it all. I haven’t been writing much of late because there is so much buzzing around in my head, so many thoughts, so many ideas, so many plans that I find it just too difficult to focus on any one thing and complete that.

The experiences that I have had and continue to have on a daily basis lead to sensory overload. Perhaps it is as well that I return to Australia for a while and try to make some sense of it all. I have enough anecdotes to fill this blog for the next couple of years and enough memories to sustain me through the toughest of Brisbane winter nights.

In terms of the experiential I can only think of 4 times when I have been disappointed with Viet Nam and its people, twice were bag snatching incidents which I have recorded previously and twice I was aggrieved with the town of Hoi An and the mercenary attitude of the merchants and hoteliers and their pursuit of the tourist dollar. Other than that every happening, every event over the past two years has been a good and sustaining one.

Am I still being the naive newcomer in my reporting of my life here? Surely by now I should have hardened up a bit and taken a more objective stance, shouldn’t I?

I hope not.