well….it’s done

We have just faxed our acceptances of the offers of employment back to RMIT Vietnam, our flight is booked for late January, and the refrain from the sixties song “I’m Leaving On a Jet Plane” keeps playing inside my head. However, our bags are not quite packed and we are nowhere near ready to go. Christmas and New year to deal with yet and a lot more cleaning out of unnecessary stuff from our lives.

Hopefully we will find out this week which courses we will be teaching and give ourselves some time to familiarise ourselves with the course material. Not coincidentally, I will be teaching digital-communication type subjects and Lisa, business type ones. We think!

For the first week of our residency in HCMC we will be staying in the historic Hotel Continental which is right in the heart of the city. When we were in Saigon last June we stayed in the Rex Hotel, which was delightful but we wanted to experience another hotel that was built during the French era and around which so much history has taken place. During that first week we need to locate an apartment that is close enough to the campus for us to walk to and from work.