what can’t you buy on the pavement here?

Pornography and the purveying of the same is illegal in Viet Nam and until recently I hadn’t seen any real evidence that the market place for it existed. I mean hell, in Bangkok you are constantly approached by individuals who have a sly but smug look on their faces and ask you if you want to “buy sexy movies mister?”

Here this type of approach is not prevalent, however there is a street heading down toward District 5 where there are many individuals sitting in a long row on the side of the road with just a single dvd disk either propped next to them or held up on one of their fingers. For those in the know, (wink wink, nudge nudge) the idea is to pull over next to one of these people and you will be taken to where the low down dirtiest movies in the business are ready to buy for your viewing pleasure.

Just to clarify things, I haven’t pulled over and made a purchase because a) I don’t want to run the risk of being arrested during a raid only one day before I depart and b) I find porn to be mostly boring.

The face has been hidden to protect the “not so innocent”