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Finally, the recognition that cyber-culture has been lacking. How fortunate we will all be. I’m sorry for the touch of irony to my writing but really, does this mean an icon of the saint in every computer lab?

Will Isidore Be Patron Saint of the Internet? Pope John Paul Will Decide.
Announcement will likely coincide with release of document on Internet ethics.

By Luigi Sandri in Rome and Edmund Doogue in Geneva | posted 3/27/01
The Vatican is getting closer to naming Isidore of Seville as the patron saint of the Internet. The decision is being discussed as the Roman Catholic Church prepares a document on “ethics and the Internet.”
The final decision on the patron saint will be made by Pope John Paul II, though the Vatican has not yet announced when that will happen. The choice will be only a small part of the Catholic Church’s consideration of the Internet, which is a subject of deep concern for the church because of moral problems raised by instant world-wide communication available through the Internet, and especially its abuse by pornographers.

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Mind you, I do like this take on the issue from News24.com…

Cape Town – Deliver us from computer hackers, save us from internet viruses and let junk e-mail and internet pornography pass us by.

The Vatican is apparently ready to name Saint Isidore of Seville as patron saint of the internet. The Pope alone may name a patron saint, but St Isidore is receiving stiff opposition from Archangel Gabriel and Saint Alfonso Maa de Liguori, an 18th century poet

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