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“Weblogs are like the signal fires people used to build on hilltops, passing the news from town to town,” says Jorn Barger, an AI software designer who created the first weblog (and coined the term) in 1997. His Robot Wisdom, a sort of mega bookmarks list editorialized and arranged by date, is now one of hundreds of such sites. Like other ‘blogs, www.robotwisdom.com reflects its author’s obsessions, with an eclectic mix of tech musings, Net culture, progressive news, and James Joyce minutiae.

This year, Barger’s wisdom took to another kind of ether – the airwaves. He contributes material to This Is Hell!, a Saturday-morning radio show in Chicago. Of course, Barger still broadcasts daily on the Net, where he and his fellow webloggers create trails of links for others to follow.

– Michael Stutz

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