World Organization of Webmasters: Iron Chef of Web Design: Seybold 2003

This look as if it could be a spot of fun…

The Iron Chef of Web Design event will occur live during the Seybold conference, giving attendees a first-hand look at what it really takes to make a great Web site, and fast! The competition will be a head-to-head format with each team competing against the clock and the other teams to create Web sites for non-profit organizations in need of sites (these organizations will be selected in advance by WOW judges). Monitors will display to the crowd all keystrokes made by the teams as they design, code, and deploy their Web site.
Participants will submit teams of 3 designers and developers who will identify the main needs of the non-profit agency for whom they are creating the site, create a visual design for the site including graphics and navigation, render 3-5 pages of its content in HTML (or XHTML), add any specialty features they can adequately plan for in the time allotted, address a specific Web design challenge pre-conceived by the judges, and be able to describe to the judges their process and rationale for the design approach taken.

competition details here